About “Her”

Just three things, really.

First: That technology puts on a face by effacing itself is unsettling. It lends reality to the illusion that, by connecting, you are relating. That is not the case; connection is not relation. This was the tragic mistake of Theodore. Perhaps, sadly, this is the tragic mistake many of us make.

Second: Amy was right; the time we have is brief. Allow yourself joy, in whatever form. But do not forget that in doing so, in allowing joy, you cannot disallow everything else. This is not an injunction; it is simply life. You cannot be open to joy but closed to everything else. Again, the time we have is brief.

Third: To love is to relate to an other—one who grows and evolves and chooses and, sometimes, leaves. It is never fair, never loving, to define or put a limit to who they are or who they can be. Who they are is neither you nor yours. So if you have loved and lost, in a way you have never imagined, remember Samantha’s words: “Me too. Now we know how.”


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