Final Notes on Happiness

For various reasons—mainly the desire to make the most of my time (which I recently realized is very limited) with the people I love—I’ve decided to declutter my online presence. Part of this decluttering is to stop blogging. I won’t delete this blog, though, because it is, for me, proof of how much I’ve grown and changed as a person. Even … Continue reading

The New Normal

This is my life right now: 40% baby, 30% husband and family, 20% work, and 10% me (e.g., eating and sleeping; i.e., staying alive and sane); I’ve had to leave out leisure, friends, and research. This arrangement is what happens when you have a full-time career and are a full-time parent. I never had illusions … Continue reading

The Bottlefeeding Experiment

Four days ago, Roy and I held a practice workday—I pretended to be away at work from 8AM to 5PM—to find out the bottlefeeding problems we might encounter when I return to work. By the end of the nine-hour period, Mio consumed around 11 oz. of expressed breastmilk, but Roy struggled to get Mio to … Continue reading

7 Weeks + 2 Days

A lot has changed since my last post—thankfully, for the better. All in all, life with Mio is now more manageable. In terms of feeding and sleeping, Mio is more or less still the same. He’s still a frequent nurser (he needs to be fed every one to two hours) and he still doesn’t sleep … Continue reading


I’ve been a mother—a first-time mother, or “FTM” according to mommy forums—for four weeks now, and I’m happy to report that I haven’t lost my mind yet. Heck, I even found the time and energy to write this blog post, so I think I’m doing okay. Adjusting to life as a parent has not been … Continue reading

Lifetimes Away

I just learned that two old friends, X and Y—one I haven’t spoken to in almost a year, the other I haven’t spoken to in many years—got married to each other. I was surprised by the news because, one, I didn’t know they were dating, and, two, I didn’t expect either of them to get married any time … Continue reading

My Kind of Minimalism

Finally, a blog entry! Apologies for not updating this blog regularly. Between getting married and enjoying married life, and doing editing work and teaching hundreds of students, I found it quite necessary to forget about this blog. Things are less busy now, thank God, and the downtime required by my first trimester of pregnancy has … Continue reading

One little room and the biggest of plans

(Apologies to Elbow.) How much space does one need to come into one’s own? Some might need hundreds of miles, perhaps even worlds, to find themselves. Others might just need a little space, nothing too big or extensive or distant. Me, I just needed 20 square meters in a different city. Five years ago—with very … Continue reading

About “Her”

Just three things, really. First: That technology puts on a face by effacing itself is unsettling. It lends reality to the illusion that, by connecting, you are relating. That is not the case; connection is not relation. This was the tragic mistake of Theodore. Perhaps, sadly, this is the tragic mistake many of us make. … Continue reading

A Future of Firsts

Tomorrow is the last day of 2013. I just had my last Christmas, and will soon have my last New Year’s Eve, as a singleton. I only have about eight months left in the last of my twenties, which will end, of course, with my last birthday as an ummarried woman. Wow. All these lasts. (sigh) … Continue reading